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Breslow thickness measurements of melanomas around AJCC staging cut-off points

Melanoma is an aggressive and potentially fatal type of skin cancer.  Once a suspected melanoma has been cut out, a pathologist will look at it under a microscope to confirm the diagnosis and measure its “Breslow thickness”.

[2]Rotaxane building-blocks for the easy and straightforward synthesis of interlocked molecular shuttles

Interlocked molecular machines are very appealing molecular architectures because they contain several elements that can move the ones with respect to others. The accurate control of the motions of elements in an interlocked molecule leads to, what

News from the quantum zoo

Ever heard of Schrödinger’s cat? It was invented in the 1930ies by the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger. He wanted to dramatize what many conceived as the weirdness of quantum mechanics, the all-encompassing and singularly successful theory of

Unity is strength in the world of microscopic intermolecular connections

‘Unity is strength’ is one of the most overused motto in human societies, which found a plethora of validations since the ancient Greeks, via the French revolution, and up to the modern period. It is a common